Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For all of you who have asked for the 10 colour kitty pens! 

Yes Deasy I saw your message just in time before I go down and buy the pens =D


Well it is not the actual Hello Kitty pens BUT nobody will scrutinize it right? I mean how many of you actually notice that it was actually strawberry and not the original ribbon on the left ear? Right. *for those who have sharp eyes don't ruin the moment* Besides, remember how cute it is and have 10 colour?

Anyways, the other day I say I'll be fighting with the kids to buy these pens and guess what? I did fml. All thanks to my big mouth. 

There were this group of kids at the sundry shop buying ice cream (on a rainy day!) and one of the kids were probably saw me trying out the pens. So me being friendly give her some room and showed her the pens and I blurted,


she took the pen from my hand and all hell broke loose. She called all her friends and showed them the pens. So naturally everybody wants them too! Mind you I haven't finish choosing yet and all of a sudden I have 6 kids to compete with before they took away all the good ones. 


Luckily being old*cough*er and bigger than them is advantage. I didn't end up with the ugly pink ones. Muahahahaha.

Note to self: when choosing for cute stuff always, ALWAYS choose for yourself first before showing it to others especially when there are kids involve *kiasu*.

6 Diagnosis Made:

Abet said...

Ee... cute o...~~ I like.. I like.. since there's 10 colours.. the pen must be Ginormous..

Ada sia punya tu kan..?:)

CoNnie said...

@Abet: it wont be that big, it's like the diameter of a normal marker pen.

Iya one of them is yours =D

MySweetKitchenTreats said...

waa..if there's anymore, do u mind to buy 2 more?...for bb n me?? hehe.. si mummy tua ni pun mau.. but can't avoid nanti si bb mo berebut.. eee..ya lah it's a strawberry instead of a ribbon.. nways.. still cute :P somemore 10 colours.. n cheap??? How much?

CoNnie said...

@MySweetKitchenTreats: haha.. manada tua oo still hot ba!

Sure! If it's stil available I'll buy 2 more for you and bb Murah ja ba tu =D

Abet said...

Don't worry Nico.. we'll pay u back..~! :)

marilyndeasy said...

YAYY~~!! Tengkiu~~~ pay u later k~...