Food poisoning

Friday, January 29, 2010

As if my week has not been bad enough, I was down with food poisoning. I always thought that I have a strong stomach hence, of all sickness I'll be immune to is food poisoning. I mean seriously. The last time I have one is probably when I was in primary school. But after vomited all my stomach content through my nostrils I was proven wrong FML.

After the horrible experience my diet for these few days will be strictly fluid form. You know in case the whole nostrils thing happen again it'll be uhm better. 

Ok maybe not.

By the way, I finally found the courage to cut my hair short. Sort of. I cut the whole 6inches of it. I was planning to go shorter like above the shoulder short but the sounds of the scissor snipping away my hair scared the shit out of me. So just 6inches of it and I never felt lighter! Who knew my fine dead hair could weight so much. 

So with that my long hair era is officially over! Until the next 6month or so. Cause instead of a red scarf I'll be needing my long hair to cover up the sauce stain on my white shirt because that is one of the many purposes of having a long hair you see.

9 Diagnosis Made:

CaRoL said...

so short oo.. can't believe i see the day.. haish..

christina said...

aww you're SO pretty girl!

sorry you got food poisoning dear :( feel better!

jonathan john said...

mna ada pindik rambut ko 2..still ok pn...

ah^kam_koko' said...

This is the first time I've seen your face & you look pretty!
Short hair looks just fine on you!

marilyndeasy said...

mcm c Caroline Chong ko cni!! ehehe...sisters2~~

CoNnie said...

@CaRoL: Hahaha.. shorter than you wish I cut kah?

@christina: Thanks so you know I'm as red a tomato here. LOL

@jonathan john: hehe bah nasib baik la mac ok lagi :P

@ah^kam_koko': Thanks! I am so flatter :P

@marilyndeasy: haha ba apa bleh buat I'm stuck with the genes mah.

Abet said...

ya lor...ko nampak macam c kelor in this pic..

Nitin said...

my hair is probably a bit shorter than yours as of right now. i have been growing mine for quite a while. and i did contemplate of shaving it all off when i was at my counselor. i really miss not having any hair at all..

CoNnie said...

@Abet: :D

@Nitin: It sure felt liberating having no hair at all. Imagine the amount of hair care product that you can save!