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Friday, January 15, 2010

What would you put in a time capsule?

All my cousins are planning to make a time capsule during the coming Chinese New Year celebration. Don't know how they're gonna do it though. I mean how's the time capsule gonna be like anyway? I always imagine that a time capsule will be this cool air tight long cylindrical in shape futuristic looking metal container that have this special button that you could press and you could make it go swoosh~ You know like a rocket but it's actually a time capsule.

How cool is that?

And with that I help you to confirm your hypotheses that I am in fact is a being from another planet I definitely watched way too many movies. Cause the most realistic way we are going to deal with this time capsule matter is that we'll probably just gonna whip out some shoe box, makes everybody throw in some stuffs inside it and put it on top of a cupboard or hid it away in the storage room and let it rot stay there only to be open on the next 10-20 years later.

I wonder if we still remembers it by then. Who know it stays there unopened till alien rules the earth wtf. Worst still, we probably gonna open it at the next CNY because 10 years is too long.


But despite all that, I'm STILL very excited about it.

Just one problem for me though I can't figure out what to put in the time capsule!

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CaRoL said...

WIG!!! made from your fallen hair.. because you know, you'll need it after 10years. :D

Cheryl said...

Probably a Starbucks paper cup.

Cause you know, in 10 years that will probably still be important.

christina said...

haha! this makes me smile. :)

ah^kam_koko' said...

I was actually going to make my F1 students draw or write something on a piece of coloured paper & put it in a buttered cookies tin.

They'll open it when they get to F5.
Fun, eh?

CoNnie said...

@CaRoL: LOL then I better start gathering them hair now.

@Cheryl: Hahaha..unless Starbucks decided to use plastic cup in the future.

@christina: I'm glad it did =D

@ah^kam_koko': Awesome! I wish I did that when I'm at secondary school. That's the time when people change the most other than college of coz.

Chicago Girl said...

I think it'd be really beneficial and inspiring to write a letter from the "you" now to the "you" then. Maybe a list of hobbies and things that you enjoy now that you don't want to let go of as you get older (as life gets busier). Or maybe a list of things that are attached to a memory for this season of your life: ticket stubs, a certain song, a photograph... Or, think ahead to where you think you'll be and what you'd want to make sure to do to "seize the moments" in that new season. It's always difficult to remember what it was like to be in a season once you've moved on. Giving yourself advice from your present standpoint could be so helpful later on! ...Just some ideas. :)

CoNnie said...

@Chicago Girl: Thanks for the brilliant idea! I'm gonna consider it =D

CaRoL said...

i like the idea about writing a letter from the 'you' now to the 'you' then.. i'll definitely gonna consider it too!! =D