Thursday, February 25, 2010

There isn't much for me to update. The fast pace life I'm suppose to lead is going in snail pace. The medical student instinct within me kept on screaming that I need to start thinking about exam. So loud if it is a real scream I'll be deaf. 

Ok, you get what I mean.

I need motivation. Something that I clearly lack of. And this only happens before/during exam season why? *sigh* This is a serious problem. Maybe I'm broken. Oooorrr maybe It got something to do with the stack of notes that's piling up at the side of my bed. *sighx2*

This post had clearly shown the nerd within(Ok fine, maybe the not so within) me. And the fact that you guys manage to read through the whole post beyond a doubt makes you guys are the most awesome people ever ♥♥♥

*TITS-HUG* <---copyright of ms.inden ah. HAHAHAHA.
Don't bother to Google the meaning though it'll led you somewhere else O.o

And I am not drunk or stone while typing this post. In case you're wondering. I'm just blabbering nonsense. 

p/s: it is &;.hearts.; (minus the .) for the .

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marilyndeasy said...

yayyyy~ im the most awesome people ever~~~!!!



marilyndeasy said...


ketara lah copy paste ayat ko kann. ekeke.

ah^kam_koko' said...

I dont know what it means but I do like the sound of it!
TIT-HUGS for everyone!!

christina said...

yaay i'm awesome too! :P
ha i love your ramblings. they're cute.

CoNnie said...

@marilyndeasy: Hahaha.. copy away!

@ah^kam_koko': LOL!

@christina: yayy to awesomeness!!