there's no place like home.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I grew up watching these view.
Makes me want to click my heels 3 times every time I feel homesick. 
I hope you'll love the pictures.

The famous mount Kinabalu.


Both of the pictures above are taken from the front veranda.

The elevated(?) fish pond in film grain. 
I like the result very much :)


View from the back during sunset.

5 Diagnosis Made:

jonathan john said...

camera sapa ko guna?smart jg la..

christina said...

omg...that's stunning. so stunning.

CaRoL said...

so HOT!! we live in an oasis, can see the cacti somemore..

ah^kam_koko' said...

Dont fret!
You'll be home soon enough!

CoNnie said...

@jonathan john: hehe..thank u thank u , I'm using my baby Lumix FS15 :)

@christina: Thanks dear! :)

@CaRoL: yeah.. but MUCH better than KL! wuwuwu..

@ah^kam_koko': I'm at home now and I already start to miss it! LOL.