if it were up to me

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just few more hour then home I'll be! 

Even though I'm gonna spend the holiday with a few assignments under my belt I am still oh so excited! Cause I promise myself only to worry about them after the 2nd day of CNY *boo. I know 2nd seems to be too early and to be honest I don't even trust myself to have such will power to do so. T_____T

But there's always a first for everything. Thus, on this special occasion I'm gonna bury the cynic within me and for once believe that I have the will power to start doing my assignment after the 2nd day of CNY *determined*

BUTTT for now,

I can't wait to come home and see all the familiar faces. 


I'm gonna be.. Home!Home!Home! *excited wtf. 

P/S: for that someone (ehem you know who you are) that's having study week during this holiday my condolences to you :( Remember to take care of your health during this crucial week and GOOD LUCK!

P/P/S: and no fret I'm gonna help you celebrate extra hard on this holiday. hehehe.. 

Currently listening to: If it Were Up to Me-Rooney
A little power pop to kick start that Valentine's Day spirit.

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christina said...

aww you're so cute and sporadic, i love it!

marilyndeasy said...

Gong Xi F Cai lennglui~!!!

Enjoy your holiday and assignments~~!! LOL...

nice song~

Yes our love~ Oh is real love~ So jut let it be~~

nurul khairunie said...

happy chinese new year connie!

CoNnie said...

@christina: :)

@marilyndeasy: Thank u D!

...assignment *sweat

@nurul khairunie: happy holiday to you too nurul!!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Enjoy your holiday while it lasts!
You can do it!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Nitin said...

happy holiday.. i am thinking about that moon cake. i dunno wether you make it there.. =P~... i had shivratri a few days back. so a party is a party.. fimiliar faces , sweets and fruits.. ahh.. love it.. have fun.. happy V day too :)