Thursday, February 4, 2010

I may be a dog person.

But I am definitely NOT a fish person.

Before the Boyfriend went back to Kuching for his 1 month holiday he left me to 'babysit' his pet fishes. Honestly, after he ask me to keep his pet fishes of 2year I already had a very clear vision that I would eff something up. I am pretty positive that I would end up flushing them down the toilet by day 1. 

But come to think about it letting me keep the fishes would be the better choice compare to starvation. Cause I could do it faster. WTF.

All these while I always thought keeping a fish would be easy-peasy. Add water, add fish, then finish kind of easy. But since, our water supply here contain chlorine I need to let a bucket of water sit for a few hour before transferring it to the aquarium but since I don't have enough time to do that I had to put the right amount of this anti-chlorine substance to neutralise the chlorine. Cause apparently it could kill the fish *noob*.

After transferring the fish, I literally sat in front of the aquarium for 15minute almost chew my lips off waiting for the verdict on whether I put enough anti-chlorine. And oh my, the fishes were taking their own sweet time to start swimming again. Felt like I got emotionally abuse can or not.


Fortunately they survive me, for now. 

And they are now living happily beside the place where we kept our frying pan. Ha! 

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Nitin said...

those look like some really expensive fishes.. well, i have been anything but careful and i am apparently incapable of taking care of myself leave alone another creature. and so i haven't risked something like that so far. its good you are taking some initiative.. you BF will be proud.. :P

ah^kam_koko' said...

Maybe he's testing whether you'd make a good mother.

CoNnie said...

@Nitin: IHahaha.. I am surely hope it is not as expensive as it look! He risking it BIG time asking me to take care of them.

@ah^kam_koko': if the fishes dies, I'm screw then!! LOL

CaRoL said...

i give u 3weeks top!! ha!

christina said...

haha! good job. i hate fish. i killed both of my friends fish when she was on vacation once. never again will i fish-sit. never.

CoNnie said...

@CaRoL: ngenge.. I beat the impossible the fish(es) LIVES!! wtf

@christina: Hahaha.. we're on the same page on the fish hating I hope this is my last time fish-sitting. I'm done risking poor innocent fish lives.