Monday, February 8, 2010

Now is probably one of those time that I feel like wanna pull those few strands of hair left on this empty head of mine and went around the house naked just so that I have a tiniest feeling of being liberated from all this shit that I am in now. Maybe after all that I'm gonna have a cup of tea while watching Fringe to chill. 


WTF. Totally random and I am totally kidding.

Or am I?

Before you call for help and throw me into the asylum I just want you to know I might not have the time to the crazy things above due to the shitload amount of things that need my sanity now.


This post doesn't make any sense I know. This is just me word vomiting. Thank you for wasting your time reading this piece of shit.

Here's a picture of a my dog mocha to compensate all the madness above.

Picture is a bit blur cause she can't stay still and I'm using my hand phone camera to take this picture. But who care she's mad cute!!

5 Diagnosis Made:

Khairieah said...

cumilnyaa kena ikat rambut dia.. :D

Nitin said...

nice.. random rant.. havent felt that in a while.. nice reading. and your pooch looks really cute :)

christina said...

i love word vomiting and you're adorable. cute dog too!

CaRoL said...

she looks even cuter if she still have her long hair.. i mean, the dog. HA! (it's a 'she':)

CoNnie said...

@Khairieah: cumilkannnn!! Haih bikin gerigitan betul.

@Nitin: Thanks!!

@christina: aren't we all? Thanks for the compliment ^^

@CaRoL: T_____________________T