Cool ScribeFire!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wee~ *twirl around with hands raised in the air* Okay I might be the last person on earth who just discover this extension on mozilla, don't answer that but I still wanna say that I'm so glad that I saw it and download it coz it is Bloody Uh-May-Zing People!!!!!!!

So now I can like manage my blog while I watch youtube/looks for information(school workT__T/or what ever shit that I do whenever I use mozilla browser!!! In fact I am doing it right now well uhm not studyingT__T but waiting for the youtube video to finish buffering while typing this entry. Multi-tasking is so much fun! Somemore this extension have a direct link to flickr and youtube(not like i'm using any for now but I still find it cool to have it O.o) so it'll be easier to put up your vids or pics. It also have the strikethrough button so now I'm not gonna have that pesky problem that whenever I copy and paste something from Words my words always been chopped off or the font going to be way off. Thus, connie will have a less miserable life from now on.*relieve T3T~*


note:connie want to eat Onigiri suddenly but dunno how bo T___T. Gonna make tuna salad tomorrow!!

Update: not happy od. Wisdom tooth is not being cooperative again T_______T Boohoo~~ Considering about doing wisdom tooth extraction but too damn scary!!! So I rather just tahan the pain lor. Gosh I am super!

2 Diagnosis Made:

CaRoL Kc said...

Why they called it wisdom tooth ahh? why ar why?

Is it because everytime it grows, u get somekind of wisdom ah?? mmm..

ScribeFire?? I try DL later la..

CoNnie said...

Uhm..I think bcoz when u got it it'll hurt sooo much dat u'll make dis wise decision like GO SEE UR DENTIST!! *gasp in horror*