Its Official: I am Happily Broke!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yay!! After a few day contemplating into this serious *ahem* matter I finally made my decision to go for it. Yes I am going to spend invest a shitload amount of ringgit into this:

THE BODY SHOP Make-up Academy Workshop!!

Nobody can describe the guilt I was in after spending those $$$ to join this workshop so that 3 expensive hours and those promised goodie bag better be good!!

*Happy mode on*

I'm gonna have
FUN FUN FUN doing what girls love most doll-up with pricey MAKE-UP plus learning to do it the right way straight from the professional.

So what will happen on that awesome day? Well, it would be a 3hours hands-on basic make-up skill. So the thing will starts off by having our skin checked up and then moved on to applying make-up step by step. Sounds so vague I know T________T. But don't fret me will spills all the dirt once I got back from it which would be another week to go. Till then ASS-sessment alert!! Gonna be busy cramming my head with those nonsensical medical mumbo-jumbo and staying up super late while praying that my panda eye won't become much worst than it already now T______________T. So wish me a tons of luck!!


UPDATE: I'm R-I-C-H again!!! Money has been deposited for me to spend on new clothes, totes, shoes oh and on tuition fee and more books so I am super elated!

2 Diagnosis Made:

CaRoL Kc said...

sumthing good better come out from this... >_<"

CoNnie said...

I know,it totally burned a gigantic hole on my wallet/purse watever T______T