au revoir

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye holiday.
Hello reality lectures.

No more wasting time dearie.
Oh, remember to brace yourself cos it's gonna be a wild ride ahead.

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Gallivanter said...

Wild ride of lectures? What are you learning? :-P

CoNnie said...

@Gallivanter: hehe kinda. I'm taking medicine =)

Apple Pie said...

huhu, am going back to kl tomorrow, should have post on holiday highlights as well as the bye byes...oh.oh..huhuhh

marilyndeasy said...

clicking "like" button for this pic!!

CoNnie said...

@Apple Pie: ba post2^^ safe journey for tomorrow k!

@marilyndeasy: thanks. kambang photographer sa..ngege~

CaRoL Kc said...

sia kambang!.. ahaha..