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Sunday, September 13, 2009

since i had one too many of those.

Random pics!

I forgot my key, and student card, AND house card when I got back last time so mom had to post them back to me. I was like pendatang haram for the whole week Y^Y. Lucky the guard was being lenient on me if not bye-bye RM50. My school is a blood-sucking leech like that but thankfully I must have look awesome that day for them to spare me *shifty eyes*

SALADS! I love my fibers *heart* especially when they are this colourful. Assorts colour lettuces, carrot, corn, cherry tomato, purple cabbage, and raisin toss together with a splash of olive and garlic oil, pepper, and rosemary. Ain't it pretty?

Taken during the practical session where you can see people breathing pure oxygen from one huge bag through that! And we're suppose to collect the breath that he'd expired and count the nitrogen concentration in it. Are you still with me? All went well until he open the tube from his mouth. The tube was occupying most of his mouth and he couldn't swallow his saliva so in the end we end up collecting a saliva sample too. Messy.

Off to Petaling Street for some Yong Tau Fu for breakfast/brunch. Owh that is half of boyfriend. He's camera shy so please forgive him. I took this when we're stuck in the traffic. When you're at KL that's all you do. Traffic I mean.

A rare pic of me looking awesome.

Recently got my Holga 135BC camera! It is so plastic and vintage you wouldn't believe that it is a camera until you took a picture with it. Still in a middle of finishing my first film roll. Yes I said FILM. That is like so pre-digital. Ok Imma stop coz I'm starting to ramble nonsense.

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nurul khairunie said...

oh my God.
a Holga!

cepat2 kasi habis satu roll, wanna see all your amazing pics!

CoNnie said...

Finally somebody yang bleh ikut sa sama2 excited abt Holga!


nurul khairunie said...

i'm waiting for your pics ni connie. hehe.

CoNnie said...

nice link!

they use a lot of supersampler. Hmm..tempting *drools*