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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear diary,

I want to go to a place where emotion doesn't matter.
Waking up without worries and burden on my shoulder.
I want to spend all day lying on the green green grass on top of that big blue hill.
Feeling the breeze blowing softly on my face.
Counting clouds on the sky and figuring out the odd shapes that it forms.
I don't care if the sun shines so bright it hurts my eyes.
It could always adjust.
And my hand could always block it away.
I want to breath the cool flower scented air.
Feeling tranquil.

3 Diagnosis Made:

CaRoL Kc said...

yours ka ni?

Anonymous said...

Guess it's hers.
Jj-malas sign in.

CaRoL Kc said...

jj pemalas.