Holga 135BC, mine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The said Holga!!

When I first got the package I was like are you kidding me? It's soo light! Is it even there? So instinctively I shake the packages just to make sure I wasn't punk'd. So uhm of course after I heard the rattling I stopped immediately before I traumatize the poor thing. I was getting so excited I forgot to take the package picture before I ripped it T^T

The walk from the college to my room took all my patience away ngegege.. But I do manage to notice that the dealer stated
'mainan' on the item description which was cute, TOY camera = mainan geddit?

Found underneath all those bubble wrap.

Scratch-free and safe from my violent act =)

See the lense cover!! How to open? Like opening your tupperware lid. Yes. So plastic right?

In fact this baby is almost 100% made of plastic including the lense! Why almost? Metal for the screw, springs, and some other thing to hold all of the Holga 135BC awesomeness together.
The camera function sans battery thus, after every take you need to turn the film MANUALLY using that knob thingy next to the viewfinder. Sigh I am illiterate in such thing so bear with me here.

The side view! Owh and it have this focus ring which suppose to allow you to change your focus thingy. I am not helpful do I? Oh well. Let us go to a more superficial approach coz I'm better in that sense wtf.

Like why I choose black for instance,

1) cheaper. Cool coloured one would cost a few bucks more.
2) imagine bringing this out to the street.

*stole the pic from the internet. Thank you!


3) cause most of the camera accessories is in black so I wont look mismatch.
4) Black goes with everything.
5) Black suppose to look professional despite the irony of the 'professional' camera being plastic *shifty eyes*
6) Can I just say that it is awesome so it doesn't really matter what color I choose?
7) Okay I ran out of reason.

So I am gonna work really hard to finish my roll of film and look for tons of black&white film to play with during the raya holiday ^.^

For now I'm just hoping I didn't screw up my 1st roll *nervous*

p/s: Many thanks to the awesome peeps from roflcam for their wonderful service! If you're interested in Lomography and want to buy a camera (esp Holga) do go check out their blog and ask around they'll be happy to help you =)

rolfcam is currently having a raya sale! damnit I should've waited T^T

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CaRoL Kc said...

*rolfcam is currently having a raya sale! damnit I should've waited T^T*


nurul khairunie said...

saya pula yg terlebih eksaited ni meninguk ur holga. dari dulu i want to buy diana tapi tidak juga terbeli2 =(

have fun with ur toy!