I smell roses

Friday, September 18, 2009

These smells heavenly. I just love the smell of roses. The scent have this power that could unleash my inner femininity wtf. Some people might relate rose scent to mature, old, or vintage, but I think rose is more like the LBD of scent. It never fades, it always going to smell nice plus it is oh so romantic.

Rosewater is actually
has certain antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. So you can use it for skin inflammation and acnes. It also can be use to reduce wrinkles and fine line. Not forgetting the scent, so aromatherapeutic^^, My room smells like roses now. I like!

I haven't tried it yet though, coz I am still looking for a soap box. Can't wait!

Bought 3pcs (2 rosewater with cold cream + 1 rosewater glycerin soap) save me RM22 from the original price RM55. Thanks miu for such a great bargain. =)

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Gallivanter said...

I'm OK with rose, but my fiancee says that because it's too common, it loses its charm and uniqueness.

How about rafflesia? Hahahaha! Kidding!!

CoNnie said...


rafflesia would be very rare indeed but it smell like rotten meat~bleah O.o

btw thanks for dropping by^^