Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I thought I lost my phone today. Oh the shock I went through T^T

Feeling quite certain that I've put it in my bag this morning. I was so panic. You know how people lost their phone and they never get it back? NOOOO~

The thought of that got me running on the hallway (I was lucky not to stumble on any doctor T^T), trashing an ongoing lecture and notice how few the first year students are (?!) and panicked cause I can't find my phone at my seat, and 10min speedwalking to my house to find my phone is there on my bed FML.

Sigh. I think I should buy me a phone strap and hang my phone on my neck, like my student card so I wont forget or lost it.

Wait, then again that's not going to be a foolproof plan. GAH~

My memory is failing me. I think I have Dementia *self-diagnosis*

On the other note, Raya Holiday comes early. Early as in this Friday!! But I'm not going back though. So much for the hype. Not to worry cause I have my respiratory, cardiovascular, haematology, AND my epidemiology accompanying me. Can you sense my excitement?

So much for holiday, when people eat kuih raya, I am devouring paper stew. WUWUWUWU. I demand Sabah KUIH MAKMUR!! Cause the one they have it here is so not kuih makmur.

Anyway, off to type my essay on communication skill now. My life is super exciting no?

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