Saya ada buku, buku saya...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

seesh.. writing in Bahasa is such a task for me now -___- 

How long had secondary school been? Don't answer that wtf. 

I can't even cook up a proper sentence and now I am doom forced had to type write a whole essay about how to deal with emotion based on some English literate which I can't finish even the first sentence coz it is too damn boring. I mean have you ever read about something clever and mid sentence you started to zone off and thought about what to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper/snack or excited about your homemade yogurt (OMG this is not a lie!! (about I made yogurt part! (ate it and survive!)) (Okay I shall stop talking in bracket T^T)) and in the end you're lost and you had to read the whole thing all over again and the vicious cycle starts again and again and again, k you get my point.

Anyway, just in case you are lost in between my ranting, yes the assignment is about emotion and yes I realize that I first need to translate it. wuwuwuwuwu can you feel my pain? wtf. Eh wait, hello direct translation *wave*. 

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