Brown paper LOVE

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's 9pm and it is raining outside. Finally KL started to feel colder and by that comfortable. I no more need the service of a stand fan and sleeping half naked now wtf. I could cuddle up nicely in a bundle now in my teeny tiny blanket and sleep away without a care in the world. A feeling which of course only limited to Friday sadly to say since I could not afford to waste too much time being sashayed away into oblivion.

The new module practically eating away my soul T___T. The stuff to remember is just overwhelming. It's not helpful at all when the Boyfriend give some random quiz about the module I just simply could not remember what I've studied before. Great. I feel so bad for myself. not be able to answer the quiz makes me feel like I'm a complete idiot plus I could see the disappointment in your eyes. It kills me more. But no fret as pessimist as I sounds deep down inside it kinda awaken my inner competitive spirit (yes, I need that deep to dig it out *sigh*) and to do better. So maybe next time when you ask me that quiz I'll do better aye? But don't ask me right away I need to studied for it first! wtf competitive spirit fail. BUT believe me I am SERIOUS. seriously!!

I got a care package from mom today! (read: food package). I was suppose to receive it on Thursday but the bitchy clerk at the office could not answer a simple yes/no question during her lunch break. Hence, I am only able to retrieve it today(Sunday). So here it is brown paper love.

For you who have not taste this. Two word. Cracker heaven wtf.

My mum. "You'll never have too much of health food." Even her junk food is healthy (minus the crab cracker). Codfish seaweed anyone?

I love my weekends. My first weekend as a 21 year old. Gosh I am that old. I can't believe I'm like all grown up now. I could still remember back in the day when I was still a little girl how I always wished that I would grow up as soon as possible and do what grown up do. Wear heels, have boobs (I really do!) wear makeup and be all lady like and such (I know, how naive right?) and now that I'm older, numerical wise, deep down I still felt like I'm that little heels, curve (hello butt!) and makeup wearing girl. So the question is when will the mental maturity come by? 30? Why does it feels like I have a maturity of a ferret.

Sigh It's late I have major reading to do for tomorrow's 8am tutorial session and I still didn't know which group I am in. Lets just hope that I am not, NOT in a group that postpone class if not major wtf.

9.30pm. Don't feel like showering in this cold weather. I smell like coffee, and KFC. 

Fine. I'll go.

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carol said...

aaww, mama lukis heart shape, how cute!!