Monday, December 7, 2009

Dry your eyes, dry your eyes.
Letting you go is not done with an ease,
maybe, just may it be that the white light offer you peace.
You are not mine to belong now.
As you're gone now. To that one way road.

Destiny is just a twisted fairy tale waiting to unfold.
Fate played a fool on us.

Hope is just unreliable.
And though He had the power to resist the sisters,
Zeus just stood there silently letting them run the show. 
As the thread has been spun and measured.

It took just a snipped of that thread of life.
And just like that things went wrong.
Teaching us the hard way that picture perfect is a lie. Nonexistence.
Showing us all that of what we thought was strong is in fact all frail and fragile.
As though mocking our naivety.

just this once, just this one last time
lets play pretend that everything is like before.
Pretend that you were here once more.
Where everything was picture perfect, unharmable, untouchable.
Just this once lets pretend.

Missing you is no task.
Like breathing it is subconsciously done without fail.
The memory of you, memory with you is what kept me from sinking.
Though pain still threaten to hurt me,
just hold on, hold on.

There's this whisper I'd heard,
telling me that life may be hard at some time.

But take a breath, take a breath and take it easy for once.
And if you fall apart just hold on. Do hold on.

Let me dry your eyes now, dry your eyes.