Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday.. To me! I'm OLD. Ok fine I'm being dramatic. It is too early to be panic about being old on 21. I might get wrinkles T^T.

This year, its gonna be a fresh start, a new beginning for me. Since its my birthday its fine for me to make a few wishes right?


I wish for Wisdom.
I wish for Strength.
I wish for Health.
I wish for Wellness.
I wish for Happiness.
I wish for Laughter and Joy.
I wish for Love.
I wish for more birthdays to come and reasons to celebrate them.
And, of course I wish for Good Company to enjoy them with.

Oh maybe if I have some spare wishes left I might wish for world peace too ^^. LOL.

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Khairieah said...

happy 21st birthday connie =)
trus yg ada symbol kunci kan tu klu umur 21..
hope u enjoy ur bday.. :)

nurul khairunie said...

happy birthday again, connie!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Happy New Year!

CoNnie said...

Thanks everyone! =)

@ah^kam_koko': Happy New Year to you too!