Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is how I'm gonna take my my egg from now on.


It's my first try in poaching eggs and it is that beautiful *proud*. The second one came out shitty though.

This was eaten with a buttery toast and seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper.
It is bliss people.

The egg looks kinda raw here but the glassy appearance is only due to the boiled water. I didn't manage to completely separate the water from the egg coz I'm scare that I'll ruin my perfectly poached egg T___T.

But then again who the hell eat a well done egg? I like the egg yolk in my eggs to be runny, gooey and disgusting. Life is too short to worry about salmonella.

Currently listening to Lou Reed- Perfect Day and trying really hard to resist myself from squeezing the big-ass zits at my right temple fml. 

Update: Too late! Big-ass zits squeezed!

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Khairieah said...

lepas picit trus rasa puas hati kan. hehe
hopefully it doesnt leave a scar =)

ah^kam_koko' said...

I like my eggs fried & in between two pieces of wholemeal bread with cheeze & lettuce.

Abet said...

i've tried poached egg in Bali once.. not really my taste..~~~:)

CoNnie said...

@Khairieah: IYAAAAA itu la tuu!!~

@ah^kam_koko': cheese makes everything taste nice!!

@Abet: probably it is weird coz it is neither fried nor boiled x.x

Abet said...

ya lor..weird ni.. no taste.. kinda slimey egg..

carol said...

campur kicap, sedap tuu..

CoNnie said...

@carol: nyum!

Abet said...

taruh kicap baru sedap..? hmm...